In social networks: be CRITICAL, don’t criticize

There is no single definition of cyberbullying agreed at international and European level. However, cyberbullying is characterized by the following elements (European Parliament study): The use of electronic or digital means through which the abuse is perpetrated. Intentional harm, which … Read More

Cybersecurity is a CRITICAL issue

We have reached the point where there are more gadgets in the world than people. Cyberspace has blurred borders and it brings new opportunities, but also new challenges, risks and threats. Cybersecurity or information technology security is the application of … Read More

Be CRITICAL with Fake News

Everybody talks about Fake News nowadays, but… do we really know what they are? According to Cambridge Dictionary, Fake News are false stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually created to influence … Read More

What Porto brings…

Critical project closes the year with a meeting of partners, held on 12 December in Porto, Portugal. During the different working sessions, the context and situation in each country in relation to the perception and trends with respect to digital … Read More

Learning to be Critical!

The present hyper connected society is full of promises, but the online world also brings dangers and threats related to cyberbullying, social exclusion, fraud, false information and many other potential problems. According to a study from the European Parliament on … Read More