Добре дошли в уебсайта на проект CRITICAL!

Можете ли да си представите ежедневието си без дигитални инструменти? Да си представите контактите си само офлайн? Да си представите живота си без интернет?

Независимо колко сте запалени по технологиите и дигиталния свят, дигиталната трансформация е тук и достига почти всеки аспект на обществото ни.

В този контекст, да бъдеш дигитално грамотен е една от основните и необходими компетентности за всеки активен гражданин на 21-ви век. Въпреки това онлайн светът предполага все по-голям брой рискове, представляващи голяма заплаха за днешното общество.

Измама, тормоз, невярна информация … Запознати ли сте с тях? Страхувате ли се от тези заплахи? Притеснявате ли се за вашата онлайн безопасност?

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Critical Erasmus+

Critical Erasmus+

CRITICAL - Active Learning for critical thinking and digital safety and inclusion

12 months ago

Gergana Rakovska and Nevena Rakovska from Business Foundation for Education/Фондация на бизнеса за образованието Education joined the National Training for Career Counselors, organized by Euroguidance Bulgaria: Еврогайдънс в България: Свободен Информиран Избор за Развитие in the period 09-10 December 2021. Their sessions were dedicated to career counseling and work with parents, as well as new projects and resources supporting the career counselors.Information about the intellectual outputs and outcomes of Critical Erasmus+ project and the possibilities for everybody interested to take advantage of them have been presented.About 80 professionals in the field of career guidance and counseling from all over the country took part in the 2-day Forum.Highlights of the event were educational policies related to career guidance, presented by experts from the Ministry of Education and Science, the latest trends and guidelines for the development of career guidance and counseling in Europe, as well as a workshop with useful tips and guidelines that could to be applied during the counselling process.The winners of the competition for providing good practices in career guidance during a pandemic, organized by Euroguidance, also took part in the training. They presented their practices and gave useful advices to the participants.Euroguidance Bulgaria also presented the upcoming activities and trainings, which are planned within the network for the period 2021-2023.Business Foundation for Education is grateful to the organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to share their experience and meet with about 80 participants who were actively involved in the National Training for Career Counselors. ... See MoreSee Less
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